Comedies to Watch When Stuck at Home

By Marco McEldowney, reporter

The Office has left Netflix. This very month, in fact. The Office is one of the most famous TV comedies around, so who’s to say that other great comedies won’t also leave their streaming services? Having some good comedy can brighten someone’s day, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. It gives people something to do, as well. So, before they leave popular streaming services as well, it’s best to take a look at some of the best on Netflix.

The most recognizable one on the list for most is probably The Office, a mockumentary styled series surrounding Michael Scott, played by Steve Carrell, being the branch manager of a small Pennsylvanian paper company. Some of the notable pros of the show are the lack of a laugh track, allowing the show to feel more “real” as a documentary. The show is also very long, spanning 9 whole seasons, and the humor is often witty and subtle. On the downside, however, many jokes revolve around the idiocy of Michael or embarrassing situations he puts himself in, such as giving a rock to a coworker as a going-away present and being forced to explain why. This humor can be annoying to some, as it’s consistently just Michael messing up. It’s best to watch it as soon as possible since it’s leaving Netflix this month.

Another comedy series on Netflix is Arrested Development, which is about the family of a rich businessman and real estate agent having to adjust to life without money after said businessman is found guilty of treason and put in jail. The main character of this series is also named Michael, but contrary to The Office, Michael Bluth is the most reasonable person in the family, and the episodes often revolve around him helping his family adjust to middle-class life while trying to rebuild the business left behind. Some pros of the show are that many little details come back in other episodes, and even the tiniest gags in season one might become a full episode plot in season 3. The show also is shot very uniquely, not quite a sitcom style, but more like a cinematic feature. On the downside, the humor is much more niche. Many people might not find it entertaining because Arrested Development has a very specific sense of humor that you’d either like or hate. However, it’s still worth a shot.

Lastly is a comedy movie, an all-time classic from 1975. Monty Python and the Holy Grail is a unique approach to the tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table by British comedy group, Monty Python. It takes Arthur and his Knights around the country to find the Holy Grail. However, there’s not a single serious scene in the entire movie. The Knights come across a French castle at one point, and the French begin taunting them in a ridiculous accent (which they admit as well), saying things such as “Your father smelt of elderberries” and “I fart in your general direction”. Pros include a decent runtime, impressive special effects for a small budget, and being an all-around fun watch if you like the humor. On the downside, a lot of the humor is absurdist, and if you don’t like the humor, you really won’t enjoy the movie. There are also some more juvenile jokes, such as the French taunting.

Although "The Office" has been removed from Netflix, there are still many other comedies to watch on the platform

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