COVID: How Has The Process Changed For Students and Staff To Return?

Madeline Cabana, reporter

Two years have gone by and CCSD students have finally set foot on campus for in-person learning, since 2019.

While all CCSD schools were online for the 2020-2021 school year, some students were a part of hybrid-learning, where some days they would come to school in person and some days were online at home. In the current school year 2021-2022, all CCSD schools are back in-person, with students and staff on the school campus. This doesn’t exactly mean COVID was ignored, for CCSD schools have implemented COVID-19 protocols for students and staff that have possibly tested positive for COVID or have been exposed to it.

Junior Zach Sideco said, “I was sick for several days, positive with COVID. I finally got better and tested negative so I came back to school which they didn’t seem to give me a hard time about. My friend got COVID-19 at the beginning of the school year and didn’t come back until like a week and a half later.”

According to poll studies, six out of ten students said it took them a week to come back to school after having covid or being exposed to it. While two out of ten students said it took them a lengthy 2 weeks to have the go-ahead to attend school.

The protocol is now believed to be a negative COVID-19 test and no symptoms to come back to school which Junior Lana Zekanovic said, “ a way more lenient protocol compared to the beginning of the year.”

CCSD schools were overwhelmingly concerned with COVID cases that were taking out staff and students from the school environment then implementing a 5-day contingency for all CCSD schools, in hopes to control the spread of COVID. Now, the 5-day break is over and flu season (which was making several people sick) is coming to an end, making people hopeful that the COVID panic during Winter has ceased.

COVID precaution signs in B building classroom to ensure students and staff are staying safe.

Photo Credit: Madeline Cabana

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