Crisis in Live Music

Margaux Cruzan, reporter

Live music is back! With COVID-19 restrictions being lifted and cases declining, many artists have decided 2022 is the year to hold all of their postponed concerts and tours. More recently, popular indie music artists Clairo and Mitski have just started their tours after releasing their latest albums (Clairo’s Blouse and Mitski’s Laurel Hell) .

However, fans of the two report negative experiences of their shows. Many say the crowds were disrespectful, shouting inappropriate phrases at the artists and ignoring the opening acts. Has COVID made people forget concert etiquette?

“I’ve heard really bad things about Clairo’s shows”, said Kalin Wilson, sophomore.

A viral video of Clairo’s show shows fans shouting uncomfortable comments between songs and overall being disrespectful. One video features a fan yelling derogatory phrases after she performed her hit song Blouse, a song about experiencing sexual harrasment in her industry.

“I have Clairo tickets for the end of the month,” said Gabby Norigian, sophomore, “after seeing the videos, I’m worried I’ll have a bad experience.” Another viral video of a recent Mitski concert shows droves of concertgoers sitting at the back of the venue while the opening acts performed.

What has caused this sudden extreme lack of concert etiquette? Many believe that the COVID-19 pandemic may be a factor. After nearly 2 years of people simply not attending concerts, many have forgotten how to act. With the main audiences of artists like Clairo and Mitski being young teens, the impacts of the pandemic are even more prevalent.

So, can live music ever return to how it was before the pandemic? Clairo recently pushed back some of her concert dates because of the crowds at her shows. Many believe that these artists may quit entirely due to such negative performance experiences. Time will only tell the future of live music.

Photo of a concert at Las Vegas’s House of Blues, the venue Clairo will play at her Las Vegas show at the end of March.

Photo credit: Margaux Cruzan

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