Dance Company’s Feelings Towards the Battle of the Wranglers Assembly

by Hailey Williams, reporter

Dance Company is WCTA’s dance team that performs for school events, mainly assemblies. Since assemblies were online last school year, the Battle of the Wranglers assembly on Feb. 11, will be the first assembly that is in the gymnasium and in-person since 2020.

Senior, Irene Cho said, “As one of the dance captains, we are working extra hard to make our performance perfect since so many students and teachers are looking forward to this event. The pressure is definitely higher compared to past years.”

The sophomore and freshman classes have never witnessed a real authentic assembly so this is some of the dance company members’ debuts.

Senior Sean Chi said, “I haven’t performed in such a big crowd in two years and the pieces we are performing are very hype, so I believe many students will enjoy it.”

In past years, in terms of the Battle of the Wranglers Assemblies, Dance Company has stuck with a battling theme.

Senior, Abigail Daniel, said, “We are still keeping the battling theme but making the battling concept more prominent. However, the captains and I have decided to switch up certain dance traditions that are seen through the years of Dance Company and I hope people notice it.”

Overall, this dance team is trying to raise the school spirit that was lacking in the 2020-2021 school year through this upcoming performance.

Dance Company on January 31st, practicing the opener piece that will be performed at the Battle of the Wranglers Assembly.

Photo Credit: Hailey Williams

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