Disney’s Encanto is a Masterpiece that Everyone can Relate to

Isabelle Wells, reporter

“Best movie ever. Better than Frozen. Best Disney movie by such a long shot.” Freshman Ashlyn Pryor, like many others, loved Disney’s Encanto. The movie revolves around the Madrigal family, a Colombian family that is filled with talented individuals that have magical powers. However, Mirabel Madrigal is the only one born into the family without a magical gift, but she still tries to help out her family any way she can, especially when she finds out the danger threatening her family and home.

The variety of powers the family has been entertaining, ranging from great strength to changing the weather with current emotions. Also, Disney put great detail in showcasing characters with a wide range of hair textures and skin tones, reflective of the diversity within Colombia.

Senior Nalia Childs said that her favorite aspects of the movie were the songs and characters, as they were very relatable. The unique characters and well-composed songs are notable features of the movie, however, what really stands out are the relatable themes of perfection and pressure.

These two ideas are best displayed through Mirabel’s sisters: Luisa, gifted with great strength, and Isabela, gifted with the ability to grow plants. The two have a lot of pressure in the family, with Luisa singing, “I’m pretty sure I’m worthless if I can’t be of service,” and Isabela going through with a marriage she doesn’t want to please the family.

The constant pressure to be perfect didn’t only impact Luisa and Isabela, but the rest of the family so much so that it caused the magical house they’ve lived in for generations to crumble. In the end, they rebuilt their home and embraced their imperfections, ultimately leading to the magic being restored in the home.

The movie was well-loved, with the only suggestion from both Pryor and Childs being that they wish it was longer.

Disney’s Encanto is not only available in theaters, but it is also available on Disney Plus. The

movie has already broken records with the “We Don’t Talk about Bruno” song breaking records

set by Frozen’s “Let it Go.

Photo Credit: Isabelle Wells

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