Does the iOS 15 Update Help Students?

Jacqueline Reyes, reporter

With the upcoming new iPhone, something special came around the corner; the new and improved iOS 15 updates. Many individuals around the world are expecting the new update to make their lives easier, however, does this update help? Mostly everyone depends on their cellular devices such as smartphones, tablets, and even computers.

These smart devices have involved and grown within the newer generations. The iOS 15; a fresh update, allows students to have an easier grasp of learning and to communicate better with their peers.

Renovations of any brand new update, people are speculating about if it's worth downloading. Many students are now able to see new details such as the facetime feature, which allows students to facetime their group members even those who do not own a particular device.

This allows students to communicate with their partners even sharing their screens for electronic projects and more.

Another update that comes with iOS 15, would be the camera. The camera now allows students to take photos of important events and be able to capture the text by copying and pasting the text from the picture.

Senior Dulce Reyes, said, “This feature allowed me to write important dates such as homecoming without typing, just by taking a photo.”

This allows students to be more proactive and learn more about technology.

Others have also learned about the importance of music, now with the option of “Background Sounds”, this option can be accessed through the settings of any iPhone. This allows for students to have rain calming music and other environmental background sounds which helps with focusing and productivity.

Senior Kayman Shomer, said, “With this update, allowing me to focus on my homework while also listening to my favorite songs.”

This can allow students to have better communication with their iPhone, and become more engaged in group learning and self-learning.

New features of iOS 15, allowing students to be more involved in school and want to learn more by copying each text.

Photo credit: Jacqueline Reyes

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