Doja Cat Concludes Her Music Journey

Mary Ann Nikolov, Reporter

Has Doja Cat really pulled the plug on her career at its highest peak? Some fans sit back and wonder if artist, Doja Cat is truly done with her plans to be an aspiring singer and performer. Others believe that she said that to give her fans a scare or as a PR stunt.

The star sent out a storm of enraged tweets after her headlining set at Paraguay’s Asunciónico festival was canceled due to flooding and heavy storm outside.

Prior to her event in Paraguay, her plane got struck by lightning upon landing. The star experienced a very stressful and long flight to Paraguay and fans had accused her of neglecting to interact with them outside her hotel, following with a canceled performance at the Asunciónico festival due to unfavorable weather conditions. A fan released the address of where she was staying without her consent and that's when the flood of anger rose.

Doja Cat released all built-up anger in a series of tweets on Twitter after fans were calling her out for not caring enough for her fans. Billboard adds, “Doja still has music obligations coming up in the near future. She’s already slated to once again headline Lollapalooza Brazil during the festival’s second weekend this coming Friday (April 1), as well as open for The Weeknd on his recently announced After Hours Til Dawn stadium tour, which begins July 8 in Toronto.”

Luckily for fans of both Doja Cat and The Weeknd, there will be a tour continued. Senior Allie Zacharia articulated, “I do believe that she might actually quit, but not right away because of so much she’s promised fans and other officials.”

Senior Yafet Gizachew mentions, “I believe that Doja Cat herself is completely in the right when it comes to what went down in Paraguay, but I don’t think it was good for her image how she went off on her fans via Twitter.”

Unfortunately, the path doesn’t seem too bright and Doja Cat is actually looking to end her career soon after her final performances. Hopefully, fans give her more love during her next upcoming performances so she sees how much they care and she’ll change her mind.

“Senior Tamara Lojanica reading Doja Cat’s tweets and announcement on quitting the music industry forever.”

Photo Credit: Mary Ann Nikolov

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