DONDA: A Story About Mr. West

Kristof Tacata-Fe, reporter

“New album DONDA coming July 24 #2020VISION.” This tweet would send Twitter, and the entirety of the internet into an uproar. Kanye West’s speculated album DONDA has been stirring up quite a storm as of late. Why is that though?

Kanye West’s last rumored project Yeezus II is essentially a lost cause, and many fans have given up on it. However, this isn’t the case with DONDA. DONDA being Kanye’s 10th album. Announced on Kanye’s twitter on July 18th, 2021; DONDA has around 24 tracks and a release date is, as of recent, very unknown.

Fans were able to preorder the album on apple music, and the release date seems to change every here and there. However, it didn't stop there, some were extremely lucky to attend his listening party at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta. He had permission to stay, sleep, and produce inside the stadium in one of the rooms.

“I’m really excited for the features, especially the Kid Cudi and Playboy Carti features,” said Senior Kayman Shomer.

Some of Donda’s songs have features from the likes of The Weekend, Lil Baby, Playboi Carti, Travis Scott, Don Toliver, and Jay Z. These are only a few of the extensive list of supposed features that are rumored.

However, as of recently, the album has caused a lot of controversies, mostly stemming from the delayed release of the album. It has been delayed multiple times, with the recent date of release still being sometime in August

“I just want him to drop it already, I’m really excited for a new Kanye Album. This could easily be his best album,” said Senior Lucas Sanatana.

DONDA. As of now, who knows when it’ll drop? It could be months again. Many speculate whether Kanye will hold true to his word, and actually release on the next set release date.

“Kanye taking his time with this. It’s gonna be a classic,” senior Jiah Demman said.

Kanye is set to perform in Chicago again, this time with a set replica model of his childhood home on the stage. All of these factors bring us to the question, When and will Kanye drop DONDA? Will DONDA live up to the hype built around it?

DONDA will debut along with Kanye's Other previously released album.

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