Doors vs. Wheels

Parker Randall, Reporter

For the last month the internet has been arguing over whether there are more wheels or doors in the entire world. What started as a question from a social media user has become much more. The argument originally started on Twitter but has advanced onto other social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

“ I think that there's more doors because there's objects like trains and houses that have multiple doors, which can show that all round there's more doors,” said freshman Dahlia Ferguson.

Both sides have a lot of supporters who are eager to defend their opinion. But based on a survey done by me, the majority of the students at this school think that there are more wheels than doors. With a total of 35 students interviewed, when asked whether there are more doors or wheels, 85% of students answered wheels, while only 15% percent said doors.

“I think that there are more wheels because they are everywhere, they are in drawers and toy cars,” said sophomore Margauz Cruzan.

By far there are way more wheels supporters than doors. At first most people thought that there would be more doors, with cabinet doors, hotels and hospitals and other buildings with many doors.

But then when you think about it there are drawers, sliding doors, trains, hot wheels, and many other things that need wheels to operate.

Based on social media influencers’ posts it would seem like the popular opinion is that there are more wheels than doors. Even Hank Green has agreed that there are more wheels. In conclusion, after extensive research, I think that it would be safe to say that there are more wheels than doors in the world.

Based on this picture alone, there are more wheels than doors. Based on students

here at West Tech that I have interviewed, there are more wheels than doors.

Photo Credits: Parker Randall

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