Electives… Opportunistic or a Hindrance?

By: Zaryaab Shahid, reporter

Fourth quarter. The final chance to change grades and a sudden sneak peek at where students will be for the next year of their life. For many students that means a new year with new classes, including electives. With choices ranging from AP Chemistry to Orchestra, students are provided with varying opportunities that suit their personal interests.

Over the years of attending school, students are able to develop a sense of what they enjoy and the classes that suit them the best. In recent years, however, as classes get increasingly difficult, do electives become burdensome for students, or do they still act as actual outlets as they were intended to be?

A junior in the Biomedical Sciences Program, Krystal Manuel, said, “Electives are tricky for me because some of them allow me to pursue my hobbies, while others help to boost me in an educational sense. For example, I play the violin, so Orchestra is important to me personally, while AP Chemistry has been a big help in preparing me for college and the future.”

On the other hand, a sophomore in the Biomedical Science Program, Kashan Shahid, said, “I think it really depends on the elective and why you are taking it. For me personally, a lot of times electives don’t have the same appeal as they used to, but at the same time, they can also prove to be very refreshing at times”.

With a new school year on the horizon, filled with even more uncertainties for students than before, electives can prove to be stabilizing for students looking for a way to explore their passions. Even more importantly, it allows them to have a level of freedom in the subjects they study. So… electives anyone?

Schools offer a variety of electives, from art to sciences, for students to chose from.

Photo Credit: Britta Hammer

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