En Garde!

By: Milena Nguyen, reporter

One of the world’s most popular sports, fencing, derived all from sword battles in Ancient Egypt in 1190 BC, but truly started with a flick during military training. Fencing is a sport that is composed of three disciplines which are the foil, the épée, and the saber. The true objective of the sport is to score a point by touching the opponent with the weapon before they score a point themselves. Although this may sound simple, the strategy, target areas, and rules differ depending on the weapon being used.

San Choi, who is a freshman in the digital media program and an épée fencer at the Battle Born Fencing Club says “Fencing makes me happy because there are tons of super nice people you can meet all over the world who share an interest in the sport”. Competitive fencers like San also get to travel around the world to compete and train to improve their skills.

Sarah Lee, who is a freshman in the digital media program is also an épée fencer at the Battle Born Fencing Club as her dad is a former competitive fencer who is a coach there. She says “Fencing helped me improve on mental and emotional health. I also think I gained lots of skills and confidence through fencing tournaments”.

Fencers all over the world share a true love for the sport and the people in the community as well. With hard work and determination, dedicated fencers have continuously prepared themselves for future competitions and have created an environment that allows them to express their interest in the sport. Even a sport as simple as fencing has played a big role in many teenagers’ lives and helps to build the people into who they are today.

Fencers at the Battle Born Fencing Club working hard to prepare to take victory for future bouts.

Photo Credit: Milena Nguyen

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