Face-Mask Breakout

Alexa Hernandez-La Rosa, reporter

Is wearing a mask causing a spike in acne? Masks have been mandatory for entering any public place since June. While the masks have been beneficial to keeping the virus spreading to a minimum, the same cannot be said for the face.

Many people, especially teens, have noticed that wearing their masks for extended periods of time has caused breakouts on their faces.

At first, experts believed it was caused by wearing the same dirty mask over and over..

More people are struggling with pimples because of the humidity and sticky environment the masks create on the face. It makes it easier for bacteria to live on skin.

However, no one should have to live with it.

For those going grocery shopping, they can wash their face as soon as they’re home. Essential workers who have to wear their masks for multiple hours throughout the day struggle more with this.

Junior Sabrina Simon said, “I’ve been struggling with small pimples on the side of my face from wearing a mask six hours a day. I’ve been giving my skin more attention at home to help with it.”

Some West Tech students have developed a routine to give their face a fighting chance.

Senior Selina Chau said, “One of the things I do to avoid getting breakouts is cleaning my masks and washing my face before and after I leave my house.”

It is recommended for everyone struggling from the breakout that they wash their face regularly and clean their mask. Through these hard times, acne mask-related breakouts should be a thing of the past.

Photo Credit: Alexa Hernandez-La Rosa

Caption: More teens are struggling with acne possibly due to their masks.

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