Fans are outraged at the Golden Knights!

Jed Paley, Reporter

The Golden Knights made moves in the offseason that are making die-hard fans extremely

upset. The team got rid of fan-favorite players Marc Andre Fleury (Goaltender) and Ryan Reaves

(Forward). Marc Andre Fleury was one of the top-tier players on the team, while Ryan Reaves is

the fan’s favorite for watching his fights.

Marc Andre Fleury is a top-tier goaltender. For example, Fleury won the goaltender of the year award, the Vezina trophy. Then he found out he got traded on Twitter for a prospect that

immediately left the team.

Vegas Golden Knights fans thought the Golden Knight management was disrespectful to Marc Andre Fleury. Fleury was considering retirement after getting blindsided. The Golden Knights needed money for other players to increase their forward core, so they traded Fleury.

Sophomore Edmund Cain said, “The golden knights didn’t acquire good enough players with the cap space for the trade to be worth it.”

This move has made the team worse as a result.

Ryan Reaves is an impressive fighter in the NHL. For example, Reaves has participated in over 50 fights, currently leading the NHL by a long margin.

Freshman Tal Senderovitz said, “Ryan Reaves is a great fighter.”

Reaves got traded by the Golden Knights to the New York Rangers for a 3rd round draft pick in the upcoming draft. Ryan Reaves made other teams pay when they did anything to him.

Reaves and Fleury were key players on the team; the acquisitions they acquired from them will not live up to the potential our old players have played before. Nevertheless, the VGK

management made moves this offseason that have made fans upset.

Mark Stone, Shea Theodore, and Max Pacioretty chatting about upcoming plays against the

Colorado Avalanche.

This Photo was taken on February 16, 2021 in T-Mobile Arena.

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