Fashions Sway on Society Today

Agam Ben-Aroya, Reporter

Fashion has set an example on society throughout many years of reinventing trends.

Fashion is something that can be uniquely personalized to many different people and has impacted society greatly. Many pre-teens and teens today have quickly picked up a sense of fashion from an early age, gaining inspiration from new upgrades of advertisement such as influencers that they see on social media.

Since many young girls and boys have the fashion industry and the social media platform to express themselves, this can lead to more bullying and more judgement.

Freshman, Angelina Raykova said, “A lot of people are judged based on what they wear. If you aren’t wearing what’s trending people might think differently of you.”

Teens gain anxiety and stress when it comes to fashion because they are afraid of how people will view them.

Adolescents struggle with body image issues because of what they see on social media. Teen body image issues have a huge impact on society. Body image issues on teens affect teens confidence and how teens view fashion.

78% of teens from ages 13 to 17 suffer from body image issues. This shows how much teens care about what they look like everyday.

Allowing teens to express themselves is a really important part of growing up in this society, giving them the confidence they need. Most adults shame teens for wearing what makes them feel the most comfortable in their own skin. This problem has the biggest effect on teens.

Freshman, Ofir Zaken said, “Fashion is a big way for teens to express themselves, which is why it is such a big part of society now.”

Most teens feel they need to fit in while many others think fashion is a way of expressing your own unique and creative ideas. Fashion is a huge part of the teenage phase and can create a positive or negative effect on society.

Teens struggle with what to wear everyday because of the fear of getting judged. The fashion industry creates many positive and negative things that impact our society today.

Photo credits: Agam Ben-Aroya

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