Finding Jobs During a Pandemic

Mary Ann Nikolov, reporter

Looking for a way to get employed during Covid-19? This year has been one of the

toughest ones in a while, especially for employment, but there are still ways one can get a job.

This worldwide pandemic has cost countless people their jobs and is destroying small businesses, and the current unemployment rate in the United States is 8.4%.

Some jobs teens in Las Vegas can get are Bowlology, Panda Express, Canes, Journeys,

American Eagle, Hollister, and many more, though these jobs require teens to be at least 16 years

of age. These jobs can get a teen paid fairly well until the pandemic ends and more job

opportunities open up in the future.

Ever since schools and workplaces closed down and everyone went into quarantine,

people have been looking for new opportunities to learn and stay unemployed. Since then, many

workplaces have opened, but schools are still closed. All public schools in Las Vegas have been

switched to online classes until the pandemic starts to vanish.

Many students at West Career and Technical Academy have been looking for ways to start making their cash.

Junior Tivon Laine said, “While in quarantine, I realized that I needed to start finding

ways to get a job during this pandemic even though it isn’t as safe.” Safety precautions have

been enforced in all open businesses since state law requires masks everywhere in Nevada.

Junior Ashton Despain said, “I’m hoping that most places are cleaned and sanitized

regularly if I’ll be working there. I’ve been looking for jobs recently at Bowlology and


There are many ways to get employed during Covid-19, especially if you’re a teen.

Always look out for your health when looking for a job.

Bowlology is one of the many places you can go to for finding a new job during Covid-19.

Photo Credit: Mary Ann Nikolov

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