Fortnite Raises Over 100 Million Dollars for Ukraine

By Marco McEldowney, reporter

Fortnite is the most popular online game in the world. There are millions of regular users who play it, and it’s been in the making for nearly a decade. The main source of the game’s profits is all of the cosmetic items you’re able to buy; they offer no competitive advantage, but are a great way to say “Hey! I spent money!” to your opponents. “I’ve only spent, like, $50 on that game”, said a student who wanted to remain anonymous. With the game’s newest season, though, those profits aren’t going to the company. Epic Games, the company that created the game, announced that all profits from the PC and Xbox releases of the game would be going to humanitarian relief for Ukraine for two weeks.

The war in Ukraine has been devastating for the citizens living there. The majority of the population is in dire need of funding, but there’s not an overwhelming amount of money for relief efforts. The US is donating billions to defense, sure, but the citizens who just want to survive and aren’t actively fighting need money too; humanitarian relief. Even then, while there’s still plenty coming in, Epic Games’ contributions are major. Within the first day of the fundraiser, over 36 million dollars were raised and donated to several relief organizations. During the first week, over 70 million dollars were raised.

To put this in perspective, the country of Australia donated 50 million dollars to Ukrainian relief. Epic Games had already surpassed it in just three days of a two-week fundraiser, and are well beyond it now. It’s somewhat saddening that entire countries are less helpful to Ukraine than the profits of a video game that, ironically, centers around shooting. This is a practice that more companies should start adopting. “It would be a great help to those in need and it’s best to do all that we can to help Ukraine,” says Kira Trujilo, sophomore. If more major companies follow this path, and continue to sacrifice profits to help others, the world might be a better place sooner rather than later

Many different humanitarian relief organizations are supporting Ukraine right now, and they need all the money they can get. This specific website is for the International Rescue Committee.

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