“Ginny and Georgia”: Review

Elenie Gabrie, reporter

If you’re looking for a scandalous, comedic drama, then this Netflix original is for you!. “Ginny and Georgia” has viewers on the edge of their seats; over 52 million people have watched the show within a mere month of the premiere. Beware: if you haven’t watched the show yet, be prepared for a couple of very minor spoilers.

The mother-and-daughter series is about a teenager named Virginia (or Ginny) who is portrayed to be more mature than her mother, Georgia. The characters and Ginny’s sibling, Austin, start by moving to a small town in New England called Wellsbury. The rest of the show is surprisingly thrilling and simultaneously romantic.

Many students have enjoyed watching the series and had honest opinions.

Senior Hailey Williams said, “I absolutely love how Georgia will do anything it takes to protect her children, especially Ginny. While I understand Ginny’s feelings... I do not like how much anger she projects to her mom, even after her mother tries to help them live a better life; (It’s) something a lot of immigrant and first-generation children understand.”. See, very minor spoiler.

Is “Ginny and Georgia” one of those shows that display very controversial topics about parenting, racism, relationships, and mental health? You won’t know until you see the show for yourself.

For those awaiting more, Netflix has recently confirmed that the series will be renewed for a second season! Netflix will release the second series with an order of 10 hour-long episodes, but sadly with no confirmed release date. However, it will be released very soon.

If you’re interested in the show, then go watch it right now! All of season 1 is available for you to binge-watch on Netflix. Stream, download, or do whatever you need and see for yourself what the hype is all about.

Photo Credit: Elenie Gabrie

Photo Caption: The show “Ginny and Georgia” description and preview on Netflix for people the watch.

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