Godzilla vs Kong Review

By: Ian Morrison, reporter

Due to struggling times, restrictions on Covid-19 have taken a severe toll on a variety of businesses, as well as cinemas in particular. However, thanks to the rise of new vaccinations and lowering Covid cases, cinemas have thankfully been able to begin opening up once again. Many new films can finally be screened at theaters, including the highly anticipated film Godzilla vs Kong. The movie includes 2 of the most iconic, titanic beasts dueling it out in an all-out fight to the… death? Despite the original film airing back in 1962, the more recent and modern film’s long-awaited release has sparked excitement out of many, but is the movie really worth your time? Definitely not.

The film takes place in the “Titan Universe,” which is almost as similar as the Marvel Universe, in the same sense that all of their previous movies are connected and lead up to one big and highly anticipated film. Considering the Titan Universe is not as popular as the Marvel Universe, the film did a reasonably good job of letting the audience understand what exactly was happening with very little confusion. However, this small bonus wasn't able to improve the film’s overall quality or rating. “I mean, the movie was good, but not really,” said Palo Verde Freshman Treson Soquena. An overall rating of “good but not really” gives insight into how disappointing the film was despite its tremendous hype.

In addition, the entire movie was highly predictable and had a very similar plot to the film, Batman vs. Superman, which is infamously known as one of, if not, the worst films ever to be released in movie history. Much like Batman vs. Superman, Godzilla and Kong ended up working together to fight a much larger force and ended up putting their fighting behind them. Even despite the similarity between the two films, others viewed the movie in a different light and saw very few flaws with the movie, “I enjoyed the film,” said Freshman Mosses Feris.

Regardless of the hype that this movie had, it ended up being a major disappointment. Whether you were Team Godzilla or Team Kong, in the end, it didn’t matter; the entire film was highly predictable and did not live up to its hype. Next time you think about going to the movie theaters, don’t waste your time with Godzilla vs. Kong.

Caption: The film Godzilla vs. Kong can now be viewed at your local movie theater or you could simply watch from home, with exclusive access on HBO Max.

Photo Credits: Ian Morrison

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