Graffiti Art

By: Sydney Bolden, reporter

Major cities like Los Anglos and New York, are known for their writing and drawings painted on walls. Though, many of these pieces of work are created intentionally, some are made without the owners acknowledgment. Graffiti, also heard as street art, are paintings/words written on public places. Many people see this as art, while others call it vandalism.

As stated by the law, graffiti is considered vandalism. Painting or writing on another person's property without permission is illegal in the U.S. However, some people view graffiti as art; others think it makes places look dirty and unsafe. A lot of people correlate graffiti with bad people who use certain words and symbols that aren't too pleasing to look at. Instead of using money for schools, hospitals, and neighborhoods; communities use a lot of it to remove graffiti. Because graffiti has so many controversial aspects to it, can it still be considered art?

Junior Macey Bolden said, “Graffiti expresses and represents art in ways most people can't, but there is a time and place to do it respectfully.” Most people think this way as well. For example, if you live in Las Vegas and go down to the Art District; there are many forms of graffiti there, but they are created on buildings that are no longer in use. This is a way to show art in a respectful way, without dealing with consequences. Junior, Georgia Barrett explained, “Graffiti can be an artistic way for people to express themselves. Whatever they decide to create on these surfaces can be beautiful pieces of art that people for years will come to admire. Graffiti although morally wrong, can still be seen as a work of art.”

Graffiti is a form of expression where people can portray their art styles onto an object. Graffiti usually carries a powerful message and meaning behind it. People do it to express a comment on society, mark territory, or just use their artistic skills to the fullest. When done respectfully and with experience, graffiti can create many forms of beautiful art, that today, people love looking towards for inspiration! All together, with the right message and placement of graffiti, many people come to the conclusion that graffiti is and will always be a form of art!

The Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas is host to multiple examples of street art and murals.

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