Grammys or Scammys: The Nominations

Cheska Suarez, Reporter

The nominations for the 64th Annual Grammy Awards were revealed on Nov. 23 and the awards are due to be hosted on Jan. 31, 2022. Last year, the media gave the award ceremony a nickname called the Scammys. This earned nickname was due to their repetitive strategy to nominate popular artists for more views, and not nominate or award obviously talented artists who have a slightly smaller platform.

Olivia Rodrigo, who made her big music debut this year, is currently nominated for 7 nominations. It was no surprise the 18-year-old singer-songwriter would be nominated for the Grammys but the 7 nominations were not expected.

Senior Feben Tesfaye said, “I was already expecting Olivia Rodrigo to get nominated for a Grammy, but I was surprised she was already nominated for 7 awards even though she just started music this year.”

Senior Meron Shiferaw said, “I still have mixed feelings about the Grammys because they didn’t nominate artists who have great hits like The Weeknd last year.”

Instead of nominating deserving artists, it was disappointing for the media to see that Louis C.K., an American comedian, was nominated for a comedy album even though there was multiple confirmed sexual harassment going against him. Rapper DaBaby is set to win trophies if Kanye West’s Donda album or Justin Bieber’s Justice album wins, despite his public display of homophobia on social media.

Since views for the awards ceremony is important for revenue, it was theorized the Grammys decided to nominate a talented group with a massive fanbase. K-Pop phenomenon BTS has been nominated once again for Pop Duo/Group Performance for the song Butter. This nomination marks BTS’ second nomination for the Grammys ever.

Nominating this global sensation once for this year’s awards was viewed as ridiculous because all of the 3 singles that were released by BTS were all number one hits.

Shiferaw said, “I have a feeling they nominated BTS once just for clout since their fanbase is really big.”

From all of the nominations so far, the awards ceremony is slightly leaning towards the Scammys and not the Grammys. Due to their tarnished reputation from last year, the awards ceremony is not taken seriously by avid music artists and listeners, as few artists withdrew their music from the Grammys.

Based on just the nominations, is the awards ceremony the Grammys or the Scammys?

Senior Maryn Shiferaw looking at the current Grammys 2022 nominations, and seeing if the award lives up to their nickname, the Scammys.

Credit: Cheska Suarez

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