Grand Army, On the Rise Netflix Series Holding Truth

By: Mariah Scott, reporter

In need of a Netflix show to watch in the case, we go into quarantine again? You’ve come to the right place. On October 16th, 2020, Netflix released a raw and intriguing series called Grand Army. Becoming a hit almost instantly, Grand Army caught the attention of many and became the new gossip. Representing important issues many teenagers go through across America, this show hits the spot when searching for a binge-worthy series.

This show has caught the attention of many high-school students or teenagers in general and is very realistic in the aspect of high school. The main characters shine a light on real-world issues to spark a societal conversation, including bullying, racial injustice, and sexual harassment. Interested yet? If not, let’s continue.

Throughout the show, each character is thrown into a tough, yet common situation. Some of these situations include female characters experiencing sexual assault, the troubles of wanting validation from the wrong people, and even male characters fighting for racial injustice. The issues displayed truly demonstrate the lives of teenagers behind closed doors. This show even does an excellent job of informing its audience on significant issues with America’s education system.

Senior Caterina Guidance states, “I really enjoyed the show because it was very realistic with the character’s issues.” Junior Raheal Tessema stated, “My favorite part about the show was how Joey’s character went through something traumatic that is not discussed enough anymore.”. These comments show that this series really captures the reality of being not only a student in the U.S but simply being a teenager during these times.

Netflix really set the expectations of a good show high with their fairly new release of the series Grand Army. This show dives deep into teenage social issues when it comes to high school. While some of us can see ourselves in some of the characters, others can see people they

The new Netflix series, Grand Army, continues to catch the eyes of many and becomes the next big show for teenagers.

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