Handling a Job and School Together

By: Krystal Manuel, reporter

Students with part-time jobs prove to possess more effective time-management and financial skills than students who do not. Yet having school 24/7 while handling extracurriculars and family is not easy. How do working students manage their time?

Carrying the weight of having a job and being a student may be challenging, but it can also be rewarding. While working in high school, many students learn of the value of money. Having a job themselves allows the students to comprehend the true value of money and the significance of budgeting.

These students also become educated on time management skills as they have to balance both, in which they learn to manage their schedule appropriately. Without effective time management skills, working students can suffer. Poor control of time can cause fatigue and negatively impact the health and well-being of the students as they have little to no time to sleep.

Numerous lifestyle tips contribute to adequate time management skills. It is essential to have priorities in check. Successfully dealing with work and school responsibility is not possible without a proper schedule.

Methods like time blocking, which is a technique that divides the day into blocks of time, or creating a weekly schedule of how one will spend their time per week, competently manages time.

Like countless high school students across the globe, many WCTA students have part-time jobs as well. When asked about what she has learned after getting a job, Senior Brianna Smith said, “Having a job while being in school has allowed me to become better at handling my time since I’m busier.”

Senior Brandon Yi mentionaed, “When I got a job, I realized that I wasn’t good at spending my time wisely. Working helped me become better at handling my responsibilities.”

Working while being a high school student is fulfilling, but it is essential to not overwork and become burnout. As long as a student knows of various methods to manage their time and remind themselves of the rewards of having a job, handling the responsibilities is doable.

WCTA student manages a part-time job on top of academic assignments and responsibilities. Photo Credit: Krystal Manuel.

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