HBO Max’s Newest Limited Series Love and Death

Sienna DeMonbrun, Reporter

HBO Max is producing a limited series, ‘Love and Death’, later this year detailing the murder

of Betty Gore. This series will star Elizabeth Olsen as Candy Montgomery, the housewife turned

murderer, producing mixed responses.

The series will star Olsen as Candy Montgomery, Jesse Plemons as Allan Gore, and Lily Rabe

as Betty Gore. The series is set to premiere sometime this year, however there is no set date. The

show is producing mixed responses as to whether or not actors should portray killers.

“I don't think actors should be portraying murderers and serial killers in movies or shows for the main reason of giving these killers more screen time and more reason to say and do things for shock factor. Actors portraying murderers also hurt the victims families deeply, their lives being displayed on screen and causing the family to live through the horror the victim had to experience all over again,” said sophomore Salem Wiser. Wiser is just one who thinks that it is

wrong to have actors play killers.

While some think that it’s wrong others believe that it doesn’t really matter.

“It's not like the actors are the ones killing people, but being included in the explanation of the story of what had happened,” said sophomore Andrew Calinog.

While it may be debatable whether or not actors should portray killers such as these, viewers should still be respectful and mindful while they are watching this series. The people and events are true and they all deserve to be treated with respect.

Elizabeth Olsen as Candy Montgomery in one of the few stills released from the show.

Photo Credit: Sienna DeMonbrun

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