Homecoming Court: Should WCTA Go Gender Neutral?

Cheska Suarez, reporter

The annual homecoming dance is right around the corner! As the Homecoming Court Nominations were released, Student Council is hosting the dance based on the theme of Grease.

As students started nominating students for Homecoming Court, this brought up the topic of altering the Homecoming Court titles. Should WCTA go gender-neutral?

It is argued that the current court titles are gender-based with titles of “King and Queen”, “Prince and Princess”, etc. The titles oppress the opportunity to nominate students who identify as non-binary or gender fluid. Multiple Universities and High Schools all over the U.S. have adopted the concept of having a gender-neutral Homecoming Court.

“This is a big step that allows for more genders and communities to take part in activities that involve having a gender,” said Sophomore Milena Nguyen.

Since homecoming is a high school tradition all over the nation, some point out that there is no need to alter the Homecoming Court titles. Because of the feared criticisms for this change, the suggestion was dismissed. In response, Junior Steven Davis said, “Time changes things, and this is a small change to keep the tradition modern.”

WCTA has always followed the traditional Homecoming Court, with crowning students who identify as male or female. If WCTA adopts the gender-neutral Homecoming Court, all students no matter the gender identity are offered an equal opportunity to be crowned Homecoming Court. Nguyen said, “I think a great alternative that could be used for Homecoming Court titles is simply the phrase ‘Homecoming Royalty’ since it is inclusive.”

Since Homecoming nominations were released, it is too late to change the Homecoming Court titles this year. Hopefully, WCTA implements this change next year and for future homecoming dances. Nguyen said, “Instilling these new court titles would be a good change rather than not happening at all.”

Photo Caption: The release of the nominations raises the concern of whether the titles of the Homecoming Court should be altered to gender-neutral titles.

Photo Credits: Cheska Suarez

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