Homework: The Greatest Contemplation

Rohan Gupta, reporter

Over 70% of students don’t like homework, and you’re likely one of them. Many students wonder why they are forced to do homework when they have class time to thoroughly learn the material.

According to education.stateuniversity, the purpose of homework is to allow the student to reinforce learned material so that they can master it. But this can lead us to the question: are students really learning the material if they don’t have any interest in doing the homework? Students, teachers, and parents each have a different perspective to offer on the incentive of homework.

“I view homework as something that helps engrave specific topics and concepts into our heads, but I don't like doing it. I found it to be a nuisance to have to complete. I do think homework is important. But I think there is a fine line between homework and projects. Homework will help you practice the concept, but projects will challenge your apparent knowledge. Projects also give unnecessary stress,” said sophomore Mosses Feris.

Mrs. Stephenson, Chemistry Teacher said, “I find homework to be a valuable teaching aid. I also think that students should not be given excessive amounts of homework because they need time to have fun and relax during the day.”

West Tech parent, Ashok Gupta, said, “I find homework to be very beneficial for my child because it gives my child an opportunity to enhance their education. I can also use the homework as a way to make sure that my child is on pace for learning and also as a visual aid to see what my child is learning.”

Homework’s significance has many different perspectives on its usefulness. Students said that homework can add unnecessary stress, teachers said that it offers insight on what they may need to teach, and parents said it keeps students busy. While they offer these different perspectives, they all agreed that homework helps a student master the concepts being learned in class.

Mosses Feris (Sophomore) is diligently working on a homework assignment for Chemistry. Photo Credit: Rohan Gupta

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