How to Stay Entertained in Vegas!

Ian Morrison, reporter

The Las Vegas Strip: a popular tourist site filled with lights, shows, events, and activities. With so much to do, some may find it impossible to reach boredom. But for locals, the strip isn’t frequently visited due to overcrowding and expenses.

Many locals often find themselves bored at home, believing they’ve experienced almost everything Las Vegas has to offer. Though some may find this to be the case, there is plenty to do to stay entertained including and excluding events that take place on Strip!

Las Vegas is also home to beautiful canyons, mountains, and national parks. “Personally, I find myself having the most fun when I go on hikes at Red Rock Canyon,” said Sophomore Pierce Reyes.

Red Rock Canyon is not only within a local area, but it's almost less than 10 minutes away from WCTA. Red Rock has beautifully red and rocky mountains and wildlife ranging from tortoises to coyotes. Many visit this national park to hikes, sightsee, and more.

There are also many shopping centers and malls to choose from. Fashion Show Mall located within the Vegas Strip has shops to offer from luxury to casual. If the strip isn’t your speed, head over to Town Square Mall, Downtown Summerlin, and many more malls located throughout the valley.

If shopping isn’t your thing, there are many restaurants and food centers available. Foods from around the world can all be found within in the city. “When I want to eat and hang out with my friends, I usually visit Shanghai Plaza since it has many restaurants and small shops to visit,” said Junior Claude Vincent Dy.

Shanghai Plaza, a small shopping/food center located within the city's Chinatown offers food from cheesy Korean corn dogs at Cruncheez, to freshly baked pastries and snacks at 85°C. Many small shops like Miniso and more are located within the plaza for shoppers to pick out small gifts, decorations, plushies, and more!

Regardless of what your interests may be, there is plenty to do within the region. From shopping and eating to hiking and sightseeing, Vegas has plenty to offer.

So the next time you find yourself bored at home, consider visiting one of the places mentioned. Be adventurous! What is there to lose?

Visit Red Rock Canyon, one of many beautiful attractions found right outside WCTA.

photo Credit: Ian Morrison

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