How Unique Is Your Music?

Kristof Tacata-Fe, reporter

You’ve probably heard the words “Your music taste is so weird” or “Who even listens to this?” With the introduction of social media and the internet, music is in the most subjective state it’s ever been in. Whether you’re strict with your music taste and like to keep your rotation small, or you go to expand your music taste; it’s not wrong to say what we listen to makes us unique.

From the synth sounds of the 80’s, to the heavy and edgy guitars of the 90’s, music over time has changed, setting the iconic sounds of that generation. Music today is appreciated by everyone of all ages, regardless of genre or age. The usage of social media has also helped people expand their musical palette.

“Right now I like Yung Lean; my favorite song by him right now is Smirnoff Ice.” Senior Kat Woolford said. Yung Lean, like many found his footing on youtube and blew up from his viral sensation “Ginseng Strip 2002.”

Tiktok in addition, also helps with the process of songs becoming mainstream and blowing up. One of your favorite songs now might have been found through the internet, probably even TikTok. Genres like Hyperpop, Bedroom pop, etc. have been found through the app as edits/sounds. “It’s weird; I think weird music is the future. Right now I got Ecco2k in rotation; his music is just so all over and just sounds right.”He fused a pop and a weird underground sound to create what he created now.” Senior Dedric Calhoun said.

Whether you think your music taste is pretty basic or extreme, it’s safe to say what we listen to makes each of us unique. Music is something that can be exclusive to how we personally feel or how it represents each and every person. With music streaming apps like Spotify and Apple music weekly offering new music suggestions, go out there and explore what suits your palette.

Quote: Collage of music listened to by some students here at WCTA.

Photo Credit: Kristof Tacata-Fe

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