iCarly Is Finally Coming Back!

By: Ramisha Ahmed, reporter

The hit TV show, iCarly, has become popular again ever since Netflix had included it in its large selection. The show had about 11.2 million viewers from 2007-2012, the main audience being kids and tweens. It had won the Kid’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Show three years in a row, due to its comedy and creativity. Recently, on March 2021, it was announced that a reboot of the show will be made, exciting all the long-term fans of the series.

The sitcom, iCarly, talks about Carly Shay, the main character, creating her own web show with her two friends, Sam and Freddy, with her older brother, Spencer, also joining in on their comedic adventures. The majority of the main cast will be starring in the reboot, minus one of Carly’s friends, Sam, who did not want to be a part of it due to personal reasons. The series is set to premiere on the upcoming Paramount+ TV streaming service, either during the end of 2021, or the start of 2022.

“I’m very excited to see my childhood idols come back together to continue a show I grew up watching. I would always dream about my favorite shows like Hannah Montana, Victorious, iCarly, etc. coming back! So I’m glad that little part of my childhood is coming back for a reboot,” said Senior Lami Siddique from Rancho High School.

“I think growing up and watching iCarly, my favorite thing was the humor they used. It definitely put a smile on my face as a child. I never expected a whole reboot, but I felt like they would've had a reunion of some sort. I was very surprised and excited when I heard about it,” said Sophomore Afrin Ahmed.

The show has certainly made an impression on it’s young audience back in the 2000s, who are now much older and are waiting patiently for their favorite characters to appear back on television. Hopefully, the reboot will be just as good as the original, making the watch worth it.

“I think with the right writers and correct audience, the reboot could have a good and more modern connecting and popular plot. All we can do now is just wait and see how it will turn out,” said Siddique.

Two seasons of the famous teen sitcom, iCarly, gets featured on Netflix, becoming the #1 most-watched series on the streaming service in only one week.

Photo Credit: Ramisha Ahmed

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