Independent -Living skills teens will need before moving on to college

By: Zarina Novruzova, reporter

Independent living is something all high school students will need in the near future; But are you ready for it? Here are all keys to being able to live independently successfully.

First of, meal preparation. Are you able to prepare yourself a meal? You might want to start by digging up old family recipes or find some on the internet. Write your own cookbook with some of your favorite healthy recipes! Freshman Sabrina Novruzova said that “I need to practice cooking more often so that I can be confident that I can prepare a meal for myself any time of day.”

Another important skill is shopping! Keep in mind of which stores carry groceries, clothing and other necessities on a daily basis. Knowing how much you spend helps manage your financial stability.

Managing a budget, paying bills, withdrawing, and depositing money are aspects you need to know. Keep in mind that overspending has serious consequences, so manage efficiently. Making a list of expenses with your parents and downloading an app can also help guide your management and spendings.

Dealing with emergencies is by far one of the most crucial skills that you should learn. Solution plans are important to know for emergencies such as fires, natural disasters or serious injury. Being ready to deal with emergencies and have solutions for them is important to discuss with your parents.

These are some of the most necessary skills to acquire before going on to college and diving into independent life.

Independent Living can be very stressful that’s why it’s best to practice life skills now so you’ll be ready to live on your own later.

Photo Credit: Zarina Novruzova

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