Is a College Degree Beneficial?

By: Itzel Mejia-Cordova, reporter

Is a college degree essential for a good job? A college degree is essential, which helps provide opportunities in life. Many people strongly argue about this topic when the question, is it necessary though is asked. A college degree is expensive, and this is why people question if it's even worth it to pay a large amount of money. For example, adults don't think it's necessary and believe they’re going to be better off without it.

A college degree can help show your profession education-wise. College degrees make a person's image look intelligent. When someone looks at you as a talented person interested, they will tend to give opportunities. For example, if you were to apply for a profession, someone without a college degree has applied as well, who do you think will get hired? When you have a college degree, it shows someone you are more interested in your career. Max Zambrano, a student at delta Academy said, “ I want a college degree to get better opportunities in life and so I can have a better reputation.” Overall, students were found to have a high level of self-esteem.

On the contrary, the opposition argues that a college degree isn't essential for a good job because debt from college loans are too expensive. That may be reasonable; however, a college degree gives you a boost in your profession, it helps if you want to be successful. For example, advanced professions require a degree that will benefit you and help you find opportunities. Investing money on a college degree will help in your education which will help you live a proper life without struggling and stressing. Maria Mejia, a student at delta said, “We’re all vulnerable at the end of the day, a college degree makes life less difficult for us financially.”

A college degree will help and open up doors for opportunities. College degrees help with all types of things like advanced education. Advanced education is required for a high-paying professional job that needs people with high comprehension. Not only that, but a college degree can benefit you throughout your lifetime, giving you advantages on opportunities. Therefore, if you want a successful career, a college degree is essential.

IS a college degree essential? A lot of people have their opinions. Students graduate, then go off to college or university to get a college desired for their wanted career.

Photo Credit: US News and world reports

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