Is a Job Too Much Work?

Dulce Reyes, reporter

Working for money and balancing school work seems like a handful. But is it worth the hassle?

When Covid-19 struck, some students picked up the financial burden of working to maintain their household. For others it was the absolute desire of receiving their first check and establishing independence. Now, it’s a choice to make that affects their free time.

It’s not that students don’t want to work, it’s just that there might be more productive items to attend to besides just money. This means getting enough exercise, hanging out with loved ones and friends, or developing hobbies. If getting a job is still a debate in your eyes, here are what seniors at West Tech have experienced.

Kai Ratner, a senior said, “I wish I knew how much time and effort goes into customer service and how much tips matter in the workplace.”

Meaning that it isn’t just physical stress to have a job, but it is indeed a mental stressor. Social skills are tested when working with customers and feet often ache after an hour of standing. As a person who works in retail, it does have its ups and downs. It really all depends on your environment and if you are comfortable and happy in what you are doing.

Michelle Maizel, a senior said, “Leaving a job after 6 months would be best because they have enough experience to put on their resume.” Other reasons a person may want to leave a job would be because “they want more pay or your coworkers disrespect you,” Michelle said.

The benefits of working would include financial stability, meeting new people, and learning new skills. While the drawbacks would be difficulty in finding free time and testing all aspects of stress.

The decision often conflicts with highschool students, however it’s not set in stone once it is picked. Analyzing all areas of life is crucial to creating balance in an everyday schedule.

It’s best to consider all pros and cons, necessity and desires before working!

Photo Credit: Dulce Reyes

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