Is failure normal?

By: Sydney Bolden, reporter

When making decisions and trying new things, there is always a chance of failure. You might decide you want to start your own business, but it doesn't work out. Maybe start a book, even learn how to skate; and it never turns out the way you were hoping for it to. Failing is a normal part of life and happens to most people on a daily basis. You might give up and decide taking chances or doing something differently isn't for you anymore because of that one failure that happened in the past. What do people do when they fail? And do people think failing is normal or is too much failure a problem?

Some of the most successful people in the world aren't successful because they tried something once overnight. They had to go through many failures and try time after time again. One example of a successful person who had many failures before he reached his main goal was Abraham Lincoln. He lost jobs, failed in many businesses, was defeated for many nominations, had nervous breakdowns, etc. When people looked at him, they didn't see someone who could run the United States. Lincoln kept pushing and finally was elected president. He didn't look at all of his failures as disappointments, but as a list that played a major role in making him the man he was and played a large part of his history!

Sophomore Lily Brucknet stated, ¨Failing is a normal part of life and shouldnt be viewed as bad or a regret. It happens to the best of us and helps us push forward and try harder to achieve our main goal.¨ Many people agreed with this statement and believed that making mistakes is being human and nobody is perfect. Senior Charlotte Lusree said, ¨Too much failure can be a sign that you may need to switch paths or try something new. When you fail at something you try again, but you also have to realize when something might not be right for you.¨ This statement is very true and when it comes to making decisions, people should know when something isn't for them and allow themselves to move on.

We feel ashamed when we make a mistake and as scary as it is to admit it, it's ok. It's not failure that will hold you back from your goals and dreams, but the type of failure you allow yourself to become. People can only succeed through failure and it's through those mistakes that we learn the greatest lessons life will teach us!

Failure is perfectly normal, and while it is something we are scared of, failure can actually help us learn and grow.

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