West Reacts to Hybrid Learning

By Kyllian Thorne, reporter

As the coronavirus issue is slowly overcome thanks to the advances of medicine, school systems have begun returning kids to school. This comes in the form of a hybrid learning plan. But is this plan actually helpful?

The point behind hybrid learning is to reacclimate students to a school environment. However, what many are seeing is that the hybrid schedules are nonsensical and outrageous.

For example, at West Tech, students are seeing pointless 20 minute class periods on Wednesdays; 80 minutes of their lives wasted because four teachers cannot possibly do anything in such a short time. It’s an almost untenable situation, and certainly not efficient.

“The schedule was done so poorly,” said senior Gabriel Kouder, “you would think that it took 10 minutes to come up with it.” His denouncement of the unusual and haphazardly-timed schedule continued, after which he mentioned the spacing in the school:

“There (isn’t) any point in going back since you’d have to be six feet away from everyone at all times,” Kouder said, “and being social is the only reason anyone would want to go back.”

However, there are some members of the school community that are attempting (despite the amalgamation of time-wasters and exam schedule) to find some silver lining in this situation. Though, even these are stricken with a slight bit of doubt.

English teacher Ryan Mitchell said, “The new schedule, once everyone gets used to it, shouldn’t be a problem. I’m excited to have kids back on campus, but I worry I will not recognize them since they’ve never turned their cameras on.”

While Mitchell seems optimistic as a whole about the situation, the students themselves largely find the hybrid schedule unnecessary; just distance learning, but in a school building with such issues as trying to breathe through a mask and attempting to adjust to being back at school at all.

Regardless of the outcome, it is clear that this plan was less than thoroughly planned, and will continue to affect kids for the rest of the year. For underclassmen and juniors, it shall be a poor memory or introduction to the school. For seniors, it shall be a bitter memory that will remain even after they say their final goodbyes to the school.

West Tech has entered in hybrid learning. However the schedule is confusing and raises some questions about the efficiency of the hybrid learning program.

Photo Credit: https://www.troy.k12.oh.us/2/News/hybridafterholidays#sthash.zfKRBoAw.dpbs

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