Is It Really A Good Idea For Las Vegas To Keep Expanding?

By Natasha Flore, reporter

Over the decades, Las Vegas has continued to rapidly expand outwards into the valley with various projects from more housing to brand new hotels. Tons of exciting new experiences are coming to the Entertainment Capital of the World as the city grows, such as the MSG Sphere being built just off the Strip. The MSG Sphere is a concert venue planned to have a three-and-a-half acre high-res video screen more advanced than most HD-TV screens with 157,000 ultra-directional speakers and a vibrating floor.

More communities are also being built on the outskirts of the city with new schools, shopping centers, offices, etc. While an expanding city is usually something to be excited about, many are worried about the negative effects the constant construction could have. One of the major concerns involves Lake Mead, which is the lake responsible for providing water to millions of people in Arizona, California, Nevada, and even parts of Mexico.

The lake has reported rapidly decreasing water levels that have been the lowest since the 1930’s. Also, a water shortage was declared on the Colorado River on Aug. 16th, 2021. Projections last year even revealed a chance as high as 66% that water levels at the lake will decline to 1,025 feet by 2025.

Despite this, Las Vegas continues to build outwards into the valley with new projects popping up every few months- an action that could be detrimental to the environment.

Freshman Emma Hellman says, “To drill down into the ground they use lots of water that comes from Lake Mead, and that could be an increasing issue considering the recent water shortages.”

Another issue concerning the new construction involves animals and nature itself. As neighborhoods continue to be built out into the desert, animals such as coyotes and mountain lions have been spotted in suburbs all over Las Vegas.

Freshman Julia Contardi says, “It’s definitely a big part our fault because we’re pushing them out of their habitats and so they have nowhere to go, so they’re just going where they can.”

It can be agreed upon that entertainment is the biggest feature of Las Vegas- there’s never a dull moment nor is there ever nothing to do. New hotels and places open the door for novel experiences and opportunities all over, and the city wouldn’t be the same without them. However, major issues such as the water shortage and nature should always be kept in mind whenever the idea of expansion comes up to debate.


New projects such as offices and hotels have been popping up all over Vegas, but many concerns such as the local water shortage and increasing wildlife taint these brilliant ideas.

Photo Credit: Natasha Flore

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