Is Senioritis Real?

Roza Spartalyan, reporter

Looks like seniors caught a disease; senioritis!

Senioritis is the name for a common phenomenon, which is the lack of motivation students have during the end of a major educational journey. More common in high school seniors, senioritis comes with being accepted to college and preparing to graduate. Once that happens, students don’t feel the need to work their last year.

Even though senioritis sounds like a disease, it has no actual medical connotations. The question is whether or not senioritis is real; should we trust students or claim the term as valid?

WCTA’s own seniors have no doubt faced the effects of decreased motivation their last year. “I got hit with Senioritis on the first day of school. It’s just annoying having to keep up with this much work so close to the end,” said Senior Katherine Son.

Facing a lack of motivation the first moment they’ve set foot on campus proves how early they can come down with the “disease”.

WCTA is already known for giving a heavy workload. But what a nightmare for an unmotivated senior!

The heavy workload gives more of an opportunity for a senior to be impacted. “I get overwhelmed with the amount of work my teachers give me and often find myself forgetting assignments or neglecting to do them,” said Coco Poopat. “The course load is hard enough as it is, add unmotivated students to it and it becomes a disaster waiting to happen.”

Senioritis on its own can be damaging to a student's transcript. Colleges have the ability to rescind an admission because of a low GPA after getting accepted.

The impacts of senioritis are undeniable, so try not to catch a case!

Senior Katherine Son in the Biotechnology lab preparing for an upcoming test, which is taking a lot of effort from her.

Photo Credit: Roza Spartalyan

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