Is the New Hybrid System Really Helping?

By: Zaryaab Shahid, reporter

From COVID to quarantine guidelines, and online school, several changes have occurred in the lifestyles of CCSD students. As of March 22nd, a new major adjustment has to be made in the life of students at West with the new hybrid schedule.

In this, classes are split between AM and PM weeks through the end of the school year. where every other week, there are morning classes for an hour and 45 minutes and afternoon classes for 30 minutes, and vice-versa for pm weeks. Between these major blocks of time, independent work time is provided, except on Wednesdays, where there are four classes for 20 minutes each.

The major thing to note is the change that has been made for students who opted to go back to school as this new schedule provided cohort options that provided the freedom to students to go back. Cohort A students follow a schedule on Mondays and Tuesdays in person and the rest online, Cohort B students are on opposite days, and Cohort C is solely online.

This has provided a difficult adjustment for many students. Kashan Shahid, a sophomore in the Biomedical Sciences program said, “It doesn’t make sense to me to go back to school this late in the year, and I feel like the schedule itself is very complicated all around, but especially for those who opted for Cohort A or B because of things like having to leave campus for lunch, needing to follow classes both virtually and in-person, etc.”

The majority of students seem to have a similar opinion, with very few choosing to return to in-person learning, and even some teachers continued working from home due to their issues in regards to safety in the on-going pandemic. Krystal Manuel, a junior in the Biomedical Sciences program said, “I don’t think that with as far as we’ve gotten this year, it is worth taking the risk of going back to school.”

As West progressively works through this year, the effectiveness of this new schedule will be made visible through the new possibility it has presented students.

The new Hybrid Schedule for AM classes

Photo Credit: Zaryaab Shahid

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