Is there more to sports than meets the eye?

By: Emma Baker, reporter

Sports. To some people they are the most important thing in life, to others it is just a simple game. With more than 8,000 categories and about 55.5 percent of high school students participating in them, according to ‘How Many Sports are There In the World’; sports are not only important in a student's physical and mental health, but growth and development, too. Which affects a child's life and self image.

Children drop out of sports constantly, but does that always mean their views on sports have changed? Las Vegas Academy of the arts freshmen Josie Childs said, “I used to play soccer so I say I felt pretty good about them [sports]...I stopped playing just because it didn’t feel like my thing anymore but I still feel the same.” Though a child stops participating in a sport, they still have experienced the growth and the social aspect of it. Not only do they gain knowledge and practice at the social aspects of the sport, but they also experience what it is like to make a decision to benefit themselves.

Parents also play a crucial role in a child or teenager's sport, from giving them rides to practice, to building/breaking their self confidence. Though there are motivational and kind parents in sports, there are still ones children do not benefit from. Such as a parent hurting a child emotionally and physically by not allowing a free flowing mind.

Freshmen Nicole Nunez said, “If a parents role in their child's sport activities turns bad, that will then definitely affect their relationship and how they grow up overall.” Not only can the lack of involvement not motivate a child, too much involvement may diminish any further advancement in a kids sport.

Being competitive, fun and joyful, sports aren’t just physical, they’re an activity that also requires a lot of emotional and mental processing in the end.


Caption: There are multiple sports that children can participate in, all which provide multiple benefits.

Credit: Emma Baker

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