Kamila Valieva: Should She Be Held Accountable?

Parker Randall, Reporter

Kamila Valieva, Russian figure skater who competed in the 2022 Winter Olympics got a positive drug test back. Valieva first tested positive for a drug called trimetazidine, which is on the list of drugs banned by global anti-doping officials.

She also shared that she took Hypoxen and L-carnitine. Both drugs were not banned and are commonly used to treat the heart. There are a lot of questions of morality in this case, since the figure skater is only 15 years old.

“Her coach probably provided her with the drug.” Sophomore Lily Gandy said.

Many people are blaming her coach, Eteri Tutberidze, since it is known from similar cases that the athletes are heavily influenced by their coaches, especially minors. Many athletes have a lot of pressure put on them by coaches, and fans. There is also video proof of Tutberidze yelling at her when she failed to win the gold medal.

“I was surprised that she started skating again so quickly.” said Sophomore Margaux Cruzan.

Valieva immediately got back into skating after testing positive, her first performance after being cleared to. She finished fourth, with 224.09 points in the women's individual figure skating event.

Throughout her performance, she made many mistakes on her jumps and cried near the end. Fans are wondering if her skating career will ever be the same as it was before testing positive.

Another question is brought up from this situation: How is the future of the winter Olympics going to be affected? It is likely that they will allow other athletes to continue in the Olympics after using performance enhancing drugs, which will affect the ethics and validity behind the Olympics.

A sophomore at this school, Marguax Cruxan, watching Kamila Valieva’s first

performance after she was cleared to perform again.

Photo Credits: Parker Randall

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