Let’s Go Out for Bubble Tea! Hear Students’ Favorite Bubble Tea Destinations!

Isabelle Wells, reporter

Bubble tea has become a sensational treat! Many people have attempted homemade bubble tea, topping chewy tapioca pearls with their favorite tea, cream, and aesthetic garnish. Local grocery stores have recognized the rise in popularity with Albertson’s selling sugary bursting boba beverages and Trader Joe’s selling a coffee coconut milk ice cream with boba pearls.

Even WCTA has hosted fundraisers in collaboration with ShareTea by selling some signature drinks.

Senior Hana Sourjah said one of her favorite places for boba tea is Brew Tea Bar. Not only are there three locations across Las Vegas, but this company has a wide selection of drinks, with iced teas, slushes, and lattes with extra toppings to personalize any beverage. Sourjah enjoys the

crystal boba pearls, which are different in that they are clear and aren’t as gelatinous as the

normal dark tapioca pearls.

Another destination for bubble tea is Feng Cha Teahouse. Feng Cha Teahouse offers a variety of products, including their popular creme brulee dirty boba, often accompanied by one of their delicate personal-sized cakes. Not only are there drink options for everyone, but Feng Cha Teahouse aims to create a comforting environment, whether you are hanging out with friends, studying, or working.

Senior Mai Mason is an employee at Honolulu Boba Co., a company that prides themselves in their high-quality, innovative drinks. Mason said, “my favorite drink to serve is our cereal milk

teas because of how fun they are.”

A popular specialty drink, cereal milk teas include the customer’s desired cereal blended and served with boba pearls or milk pudding. Honolulu Boba Co. is perfect for all occasions, as many high school students stop by for a serene study-spot or for a lively meet-up with friends.

Bubble tea is a great drink to bond over with friends or as a sweet, refreshing break from

school stress! No matter what location, there will always be a variety of unique drinks that cater

to everyone’s interests!

March 17, WCTA’s Key Club held a fundraiser in collaboration with ShareTea. Key Club

quickly sold out of both five dollar flavors: classic milk tea and winter melon tea.

Photo credit: Isabelle Wells

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