Make The Change

Rachel Perez, reporter

A piece of plastic, glass, or trash is such a small thing; but it becomes a big deal when it adds up. As a society, we need to do a better job at serving our planet.

The environment encompasses all living organisms. It provides us with several benefits we never realize affects us. Everyone has a part to play in our ecosystem, and if we don't take action, our environment will suffer.

“Since 2018, the coral reef has been in danger due to all of the plastic and glass that has been left over and reaches the surface of the beaches and oceans globally”, says Geoscience teacher Mr. Gromny, “our planet is in complete danger and has been for many years; if this society doesn’t make a change or take charge fast, it could be ugly in the next decade.”

Our environment is also impacted by human behavior. Sources such as pollution, greenhouse gases, global warming, and other human activities contribute to environmental degradation.

Physics teacher Mr. Thompson says; “The environment has been in danger for years; Many theories have come out that the world was ending due to our rainforest being harmed. If the ocean continues to get worse than our coral reef won’t even exist by the time you are a grandmother.”

The exploitation of natural resources could also lead to a future of absent consumption resources. Environmental experts are actively developing a second green revolution to ensure long-term food security.

Over the last two decades, scientists have been racing to prove that global warming occurs and will have a significant impact on human life in the future decades. The necessity to provide clear facts arose from criticism the environmental community has received from politicians and skeptics.

We are in charge of taking care of our world before it’s too late. As a society, it’s time to work together and reverse the effects of climate change.

Save it to make the change, don't destroy it!

Photo Credit: Rachel Perez

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