Mario Ka-RTC: Las Vegas Key Clubs Racing to Serve

By: Megan Roma, reporter

Key Clubs from all across the Las Vegas track gear up online for RTC: here we go! Every year, the club from each Vegas High School participates in one of their most significant events: the Regional Training Conference (RTC). But because mandates state in-person events can’t take place, the clubs raced together to attend online.

Key Club is a well-known student-led organization found at WCTA providing service, develop character, and build leadership skills. Every year, the clubs meet at Green Valley High School and learn in workshops, complete service events, and participate in spirit battles. The valley, split up into four more divisions and a leading Lieutenant Governor (LTG) each, battle for the covenant spirit stick. At the end of the day, everyone celebrates through one huge after-party.

Because the Mario Kart themed event happened virtually, it worked through online google meets. LTG and WCTA Key Club member Minie Chauhan said, “I had three other LTGs and a CNH district chair working with me since July to plan. It was my job to communicate with all of our presenters and make sure their presentations were approved… I scheduled calls with all the presenters and let them know of any changes or updates.”

And that’s just what happened! Clubs first had to promote this event on their social medias and meetings, motivating with a “membership meter” that stated how a number of members register equaled to certain dares the LTGs had to complete.

The event occurred on October 24th; thirty-one separate calls for all workshops, including icebreakers and fun activities ensured all members were engaged. There were Mario Kart themed treasure hunts and dares completed by LTGs to replace spirit battles. WCTA Key Club President Joshua Lee said, “Each call, there was a different workshop where you learned about certain skills such as self-confidence or about Key Club and how to conduct certain duties. I gained so much knowledge about Key Club and overall had the best time!”

Online RTC was a huge success. Members not only learned more, but they made amazing memories bonding with others virtually. WCTA Key Club member and RTC attendee Hailey Williams said, “My favorite part of the event was the ‘Key to Confidence’ workshop activity. It was so wholesome seeing people who don’t know each other comment in the chat supporting and uplifting each other...I made some funny and amazing memories with friends that don’t even attend WCTA.”

Even though RTC wasn’t in person this year, Key Clubs all over Las Vegas had an amazing time racing with one another for one cause: to serve. Every member had positive things to say, and there are hopes for this event to be back in person next year.

Photo Credit: Gabrielle Valdez and Ethan Reyes, WCTA Key Club Vice Presidents

WCTA’s Key Club Board promotes “Mario Ka-RTC” to their social media, encouraging members to attend the online event.

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