Meet WCTA’s 21-22 Student Body President!

Cheska Suarez, Reporter

“Together we will make WCTA the happiest place on earth!” said Senior Kiarra Osotio for their campaign, which led the school majority to vote for her as the 21-22 Student Body President.

Ever since she was in elementary and middle, she was involved with her school’s student council and was elected as the Student Body President during her 8th-grade year. It is certain that Osotio is no stranger to the campus as she was already involved with the student council since sophomore year. During the past school years, she was elected and she served as the Sophomore and Junior class president of her class.

As the 21-22 school year starts, there are many changes after a whole year of participating through distance learning. There are more limitations to events for the purpose of social distancing and all students and faculty members are now required to wear a mask at all times. It is no surprise that there will be obstacles that Osotio will have to face to lead the student council and to find ways to keep the student body involved under the new safety guidelines.

Though there are many restraints for this year, Osotio and the student council plan to find different and fun alternatives to keep the student body involved in school activities and to “make WCTA the happiest place on earth.” But her goal for this year is “to raise school spirit and build school culture.”

Osotio said, “Basically, I want to create a really positive and inclusive community for all of the students.”

Because of these struggling times as school continues during a pandemic, the Student Body President wishes to send a message.

Osotio said, “I want to praise how amazing the student body is because I know how crazy it is to not only be going to school during a pandemic but to put in as much effort and hard work as they do.” She finished with the words, “I am very honored to serve them as their Student Body President for this year.”

Photo Caption: WCTA’s 21-22 Student Body President, Kiarra Osotio.

Photo Credits: Kiarra Osotio

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