Mukbangs To Take on The Internet by Storm

By: Milena Nguyen, reporter

Mukbangs. Defined as eating broadcasts where a person eats mouth-watering foods in big quantities. Videos like these have taken the internet by storm allowing people all over the world to make eating broadcasts to rack in hundreds of thousands of dollars. Although mukbangs became popular worldwide in 2015, it is still one of the most popular videos to watch nowadays as people watch the food being cooked and eaten for satisfying sounds.

These eating broadcasts have grown popular among younger generations as it helps these individuals to satisfy their hunger and satiation through visual and audio stimulation. Jeslyn Cho, a freshman in the biomedical program says “I think mukbangs are more popular in the younger generation because we have more access to social media where videos can spread easily”. Varieties of mukbangs are posted on YouTube from talking about mystery crimes while eating food, cooking, or simply just eating in silence.

As time has progressed, mukbangs have become very popular in the United States as well but some feel as if they have been westernized. Lauren Sosa from Bishop Gorman says “I would say that whether or not mukbangs are serious or jokes depends on each YouTuber since I believe it’s a person to person basis”. Others strongly believe that certain YouTubers give mukbangs a bad reputation which shames the majority of the community.

Whether people believe that mukbangs have become more westernized or not, mukbangs are definitely one of the most popular topics at hand nowadays attracting millions of views. Satisfying crunches, delicious foods, and so much more is what makes a true mukbang worthy of one’s attention. Even though some of the community has gotten a bad reputation from society, the majority still thrive to create content for their audiences.

A few videos with varieties of delectable foods of some of the most famous mukbangers pop up when searching for mukbangs.

Photo Credit: Milena Nguyen

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