NaNaNaNa Batman!

By Amber Ani-Heron

Batman is back! DC has been quiet for a while but, on March 4th DC dropped The Batman. This movie came to be just shy of 3 hours long, but the film is well worth it. Starring Robert Pattison as Batman, Zöe Kravits as Selina Kyle, and Paul Dano as the Riddler, we see Batman investigate the corruption of Gotham after the Riddler starts to kill off key political figures.

The movie itself has been applauded for the cinematography masterpiece that it is. Junior Jack Waite stated “The cinematography added to this movie by not only making it extremely entertaining to watch, but also served to distinguish it from its predecessors and cement itself as an iconic film.” The Batman is one of the most distinct Batman movies for this reason. The use of color and almost simplistic setting with dark themes makes the eerie feel of Gotham come to life, enhancing the suspense for the movie.

The setting and color choices are not the only liberation that DC writers took. Waite said that the movie was “darker, grittier, and more comic book accurate.” Castro had agreed with the darker tones and said, “They also took a big leap in casting a more diverse cast than previous movies…with the similarities being the notable characters that are accompanied with the Batman persona (like Falcone, Penguin, Alfred, Commissioner Gordon)”

The Batman did include many notable names. Adding to the corruption and tieing in storylines that many would not have connected. One of the reasons why this movie was so awaited, was because it is a standalone. You wouldn’t have needed to watch any previous movies to understand The Batman.

The Batman is rated Pg-13; there are no explicit scenes, which is a first for a Batman movie having done so well in the box office. It's the perfect movie to get immersed into the World of Gotham with its bat-dressed caped-crusader. No matter your preference, The Batman rocked theaters and Patterson made the character his own.

Photo Cred: Amber Ani-Heron

Fans and viewers flock by the poster for Batman, all eager to get to the movie that needs no name.

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