Netflix is Saying Goodbye to These Movies and Shows

Raheal Tessema, reporter

With a little over 203 million paying subscribers, Netflix is one of the largest streaming services. They provide a range of different TV shows, movies, and comedy performances for their viewers. In order to bring an even more diverse range of content, Netflix adds and removes certain shows or movies, so when you take notice that your favorite movie has mysteriously disappeared, you should consider this. Here are just a few of those that will be removed from the platform this year:

Shows: Movies:

  • Atypical - The Bye Bye Man

  • Lost in Space - Sex and the City (one and two)

  • After Life - Sinister Circle

  • Grace and Frankie - Paul Blart: Mall Cop

  • Money Heist - Inception

  • Dead to me - Django Unchained

The main factors that decide whether a show/movie will be renewed include Netflix’s rights to renewing the program and the popularity of it. If the show is not popular enough with the subscribers, Netflix will take it down. Also, if they don’t have renewal rights to the show or movie, they are forced to discontinue its streaming regardless of popularity on the site. When considering whether to take down a movie or show, Netflix must pay attention to how many viewers actually finish the season of shows or complete the whole movie. It is more likely to leave the platform if people are not consistently taking interest in it.

Junior Rime Loumrhari says, “It’s kind of annoying when the shows I like are removed from Netflix.” Many people relate to this problem of struggling to find the show they regularly watch. Since it's not ideal to buy multiple subscriptions on different platforms, viewers must deal with the losses.

Junior Angel Marshall also feels the same: “Yeah, that has happened to me quite a few times. I think I’m gonna miss Sex and the City the most.”A lot of viewers are dissapointed in the news of this movie leaving the platform.

On the brightside, Netflix will be bringing new movies and shows onto the platform. Iconic movies like Legally Blonde and Insidious are sure to cheer you up from those losses!

Don't worry about not knowing what to watch after Netflix removes you shows since it is always updating your recommended shows in order for you to find the perfect one!

Photo Credit: Raheal Tessema

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