Nevada, Please Be More Like Illinois

Jeslyn Cho, Reporter

Other than being the hometown of beloved Superman and the titled Land of Lincoln, Illinois recently gained the upper hand over Nevada regarding mental health awareness. Mental health problems have skyrocketed due to the pandemic, with a 31% increase in emergency mental health visits for kids 12 to 17 in the U.S.

A new bill has been signed by Governor Pritsker of Illinois, which allows students to take five excused mental health days if needed; and yet, Illinois is the only exception as mental health resources in many states, including Nevada, remain scarce.

Mental health awareness has become more progressive in recent years and especially among the younger generation. Nonetheless, there is still a dire need for progress.

According to Mental Health America, Nevada is ranked 50th in the country regarding mental health resources. A devastating but not surprising last place.

The silver state has a substantial shortage of mental health professionals, with the average being 8.5 psychiatrists per capita compared to the national average of 16.1.

Sophomore Milena Nguyen said, ``There's often a negative stigma when it comes to mental health, and I think some people don't understand how important it is to someone’s overall well-being.”

This new bill introduced in Illinois gives students the opportunity to receive the care they need. It does not require a doctor’s slip for verification and students are allowed to make up any missing work after their day off. After taking a second mental health day, students are allowed to reach out to get professional help.

Sophomore Sabdy Cordon said, ¨I definitely wish Nevada would have better mental health resources for the youth, such as providing mental health days. I think it would be a great way for students to breathe a little. ¨

As mental health continues to become an obstacle for the younger generation, it is pivotal that this issue is taken seriously. Many students have yet to adjust from going online to in person for education. Heavy amounts of homework and conflicts with others can easily make school a reason for deteriorating mental health.

So Nevada, please become more like Illinois.


Mental health continues to be an obstacle for the younger generation after going back to the 2021- 2022 school year.

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