New Age of Entrepreneurship

By Amber Ani-Heron, reporter

Due to COVID-19, our in person shopping sprees have decidedly become online. This has increased the amount of small businesses. Whether they sell clothes or accessories, the small business world has slowly been gaining younger and younger owners. Kids who normally had after school activities now focus on creating products and making a profit. TikTok and instagram have become platforms that creators use to advertise and Etsy has never been more scrolled on.

Many students have started a small business. San Rafael High School, Sophomore Maria Keen has her own small business on the platform Depop. She said, “The biggest challenge was probably just getting inspiration for designs and motivation to create new products...a lot of pressure to be original with my pieces.” Keen was very passionate as she described her shop, parting with the advice for new small businesses owners to “just work hard and spend a lot of time on it...stay motivated.”

Students aren’t the only ones jumping on the small business train. Registered Nurse (RN) Lori Marchiando, started her own small business. VIP Ketamine Clinic in Modesto California, meant to treat mental health and chronic pain. She said, “ordering the medicine was the easy part, everything else it the hard part.” The clinic is invaluable to the patients, many shouting to the rooftops that they can progress with their lives after the recommended treatment is concluded.

To those looking to start a small business, nurture the ideas, they are invaluable. Keep at your small business as well, even when it seems like it will never go anywhere. All the time in the world is at our fingertips thanks to COVID-19, so use it wisely.

Check out Keen’s shop at

Also, if you know someone who is suffering from depression or chronic pain, check out VIP Ketamine at

Shops like Etsy, Depop and Shopify are all platforms that creators can sell their wears. It's also an easy way to get started with your small business.

Photo Credit: Amber Ani-Heron

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