New Hip Trend: Crystals and Manifestation, Do They Work?

Jacqueline Reyes, Reporter

Crystals are proven to cleanse the soul and renegade positivity into an individual’s life. Stones such as amethyst rose quartz, obsidian, clear quartz, and tiger eye have many attributes that relate to the inspiration and purification of someone's soul. These minerals have been believed to have healing properties, such as fighting sadness and bringing peace to each person who uses them for positivity.

Each crystal allows for a different perspective in life, people choose what attributes they want to perceive and manifest them for themselves.

On the side of using Crystals, many use them for manifestation, it is to believe that they can grant beneficial positivity energy into anyone’s life. It allows people to practice gratitude and radical kindness, and to create a plan and stick by it. In addition, it can allow people to express the different amounts of minerals and the colors and their significance in their lives.

The remaining question is whether crystals actually change a person’s life.

Senior Brigitte Pace said, “I believe that crystals actually work, I’ve always been a spiritual person and believe in manifestation.”

Many students have been using healing crystals for many purposes and having faith. It is noticeable since many wear necklaces with crystals around their necks and crystals in their backpacks and bracelets.

Junior AnnMarie Rosen said, “I like to buy crystals of different colors because of their meanings behind them. I also wear a clear quartz bracelet.”

With the positivity that crystals make, many students can use this positivity in their everyday life at West Career & Technical Academy.

Variant crystals to heal, protect, empower, and love, allow for a new understanding of life.

Photo credit: The Guardian

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