New Horror Attraction Turns Heads

By: Alexa Hernandez- La Rosa, reporter

The CDC released a statement saying no haunted houses, hayrides, or trick-or-treating.

A new Halloween attraction has taken the city’s attention.

Many were saddened and felt as if Halloween was over. However, one team was determined to save the holiday.

The team behind Fright Dome, the annual Halloween event at Circus Circus’s Adventure Dome, came up with a Covid-safe attraction for the city,

Fright Ride is the largest socially-distanced haunted attraction. It’s a 75,000 feet ride where participants are taken to a research lab in a golf cart. They remain in the cart at all times while actors scare them from a safe distance.

Jason Lee, one of the creators, said, “We had begun planning [this] when we saw what was happening around the world with Halloween attractions shutting down. Fright Ride will bring fans the same level of horror-filled entertainment that they experienced at Fright Dome but in a socially-distanced environment specifically tailored to Covid-19 protocols.”

The attraction had picked up media attention since the beginning of September. By the time the website was open for buying tickets, the first night had sold out within 24 hours.

Junior Julianna Froid said, “I went on the second night it opened. Even though they’re not allowed to get in your face to scare you, I was still frightened. It was such a unique experience; I’m glad I gave it a chance.”

Some were concerned about how the ride would work.

Senior Manny Gegergorg said, “I wanted to be certain that the event followed Covid guidelines, and it did. Everyone wore masks and stayed six feet apart. They didn’t put anyone in your golf cart that you didn’t know. It was fun and safe.”

As Halloween approaches, the tickets continue to sell out. They can be purchased on the Fright Ride website.

The new Halloween attraction has Vegas residents screaming in delight.

Photo Credit Ian McGee

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