Nursing At WCTA

Elsa Lindsay, reporter

What's Nursing, what's so fun about it, and what do you do? Here’s your answers to FAQs for those interested in WCTA’s Nursing program.

WCTA’s Nursing program provides education and training during all four years. As senior year provides a certified nursing assistant (CNA) course, students can learn basic care skills, working in a healthcare setting, and teamwork. You can learn through four years of Health Science, covering topics such as nutrition, anatomy and physiology.

¨The fun part about being in this program is that it's a hands- on experience and it's the best part but you also get to work with equipment,” said Senior Ashley Kim. The specific CNA program provides students with the necessary skills for entering the healthcare field. Students complete the didactic and clinical practicum, to later be eligible for the CNA's Nevada State of Nursing exam.

But what's so special about nursing or just being in the program?

¨It's getting the opportunity to work with a bunch of people who have passion about exploring and healthcare,” said Nursing Teacher Mrs. Clemens.

Senior Kenneth Muller mentioned, ¨Just to learn about what you're doing and each skill prepares you for what [career you’re potentially interested in].”

Nursing is a career that requires a lot of group work. You have to be able to work well with different people, because nurses deal with hundreds of people daily. WCTA Students can develop those skills throughout the whole program, and the teachers are available to help teach and perfect those skills.

¨Ï love putting in the time into skills and how Mrs. Clemens makes sure that us as students understand before moving on. Even if we are nervous or scared, we know that we are somewhere where we shouldn’t feel afraid to ask a question.¨ said Senior Viktorya Gabrielyan.

Don’t be afraid to give nursing a shot!

WCTA's Seniors work on listening to blood pressure during their Nursing Assistant Lab class.

Photo Credit: Elsa Lindsay

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